Frequently Asked Questions

How many bottles are needed per submission?

We request either three bottles of 12oz and 330ml, or two bottles of 500ml  or 700ml and 750ml per submission.

Are you Judging Ciders?

Yes we are judging ciders and we are following the new 10 categories from the United States Cider Association

Does everyone win a medal!?

NO!  We are not a medal factory.  We take great pride in that less than 50% of those who submit win a medal.

Are you judging sake also?

No we are judging Sake in the New York International Wine Competition

Are we able to submit if we do not sell in New York?

Yes.  We encourage beer producers looking to enter the New York Metropolitan market to submit their products to be judged in a blind tasting by real trade buyers.

Are we able to submit if we are not available in the United States?

Yes.  We encourage international producers who are looking to enter the US market as well as to see how they compete against other top producers.  If you need help with customs and your COLA waiver immediately contact Park Street at competitions@parkstreet.com

If you do not have a customs broker please contact eva.voros@winecellarsltd.com for custom clearance assistance.

What if I do not see the category I want to submit my beer or cider or mead.

Please contact us at info (a) nyibeercompetition dot com with your category concerns.

I am a homebrewer may I submit?

The competition is only open to commercially produced beer, cider and mead.

Why trade only judges?

We believe that experienced trade buyers truly know what consumer want as they interact with consumers and knows what sells and at what price.  Journalists and self professed experts who do not interact with consumers do not know what consumer want.

Why judge by price?

Consumer and trade buyers always factor price into their buying decision.

How are you different from other beer competition’s?

We are the only international beer competition where all the judges are trade buyers judging the liquid by its category and price.  The judges are judging as if they are buying it for their business.

Do you hold any other competition’s?

The NYIBC is part of the International Beverage Competitions Group which includes the New York International Spirits Competition and New York International Wine Competition.   We also run International Beverage Competitions in Berlin, Melbourne and Asia.  

How do you promote the winners?

We promote the competition several ways.  We publish the results on our website and through press releases.  We also promote the winners on www.alcoholprofessor.com and thru our sponsors.  Winners are poured at our private and consumer tasting events through www.allspiritsevents.com

What if my category is not listed on the submission form?

Every year we are challenged by the growing craft beer market and respond by creating new categories.  Please contact us at info@nyibeercompetition.com if you do not see your category on the form or online at the www.thedatastill.com